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Computer Servicing and Electronics

The Associate Degree in Computer Servicing and Electronics is designed to develop the following skills in graduates:

  • An in-depth understanding of the architecture of computer systems in general and specific knowledge of pc architecture
  • Troubleshoot and define problems
  • Use the relevant software to determine hardware problems iv. Carry out basic pc repairs and assembly
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the iso reference model
  • Describe and recommend the appropriate transmission medium for a given application
  • Describe and select appropriate network configuration
  • Demonstrate an understanding of optimization of system performance

Entry Requirement

  • Pass five (5) subjects in GCE O’Level including English and Mathematics, a technical subject and any other two appropriate subjects, with grades A, B or C.
  • Pass five (5) subjects in CXC, including English, Mathematics and a Technical subject along with two (2) other subjects, with grades I, II or III. Grade III pass must be after September 1998.
  • Mature Student Entry. Applicants falling in this category must be over the age twenty- five (25), with a minimum five (5) years experience in a specialized area of the industry, for e.g. mechanical engineering, wood work, construction, electrical engineering. Applicants will be accepted based on his/her employment portfolio, as well as certificates of achievement, positions held along with job description and community involvement. Each applicant will be assessed independently of the other. Refer to Prior Learning Manual for additional information.

Alternate forms of matriculation:

  1. Equivalent qualification(s) as determined by the CCCJ
  2. Mature Status as determined by the CCCJ
This programme lasts for two (2) year. Application Forms are available from at the Front Office or online


Programme Structure (Full-Time)

  • Course Name

    COMM1101 Communications I

    CPRG1101 Structured Programme Design

    ITEC1104 Fundamentals of Information Technology

    MATH1201 Pre Calculus

    ELEC1104 Fundamentals of Electronics

    CAPL1102 Troubleshooting I

  • COMM1201 Communications II

    ELEC1203 Digital Electronics

    CPRG1201 Computer Programming I

    CSYS2302 Data Communications and Networks

    MGMT1101 Introduction to Management

    MATH2301 Business Calculus

  • Code Course Name

    CSYS2309 Systems Administration I

    MRKT1201 Principles of Marketing

    CSYS2402 Operating System and Concepts

    CAPL1203 Troubleshooting II

    PSYC1101 Introduction to Psychology

    ELEC1301 Electronic Circuits and Devices

  • CSYS2408 System Administration II

    ELEC2401 Electronic Circuit Design

    3 MATH1103 Discrete Mathematics and Algebra

    BUSE1101 Business Ethics

    CARS2301 Caribbean Studies


    WOEP1100 Work Experience