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Management Information Systems

In order to meet the challenges of the 21st century, there is need to have a programme that is on the cutting edge of computer technology.  Students will be able to work both locally and internationally, as well as move on to the Masters level if they so desire.  The focus is to offer multiple paths enabling graduates to successfully obtain core competencies in information system concepts.  Hence the structure is tailored for the students’ desired career objectives as well as national and industry needs.

This focus is supported by a curriculum based on national and international standards; use of contemporary information systems methodologies, techniques and tools across courses; partnership with local industry; and student-focused delivery modalities and assessment activities.  This diversity produces well trained, well rounded computer professionals who should have both theoretical and practical understanding of the use of Information Technology in modern society.


With these skills, graduates will be able to function at the middle management level in careers such as:

  • Systems Analysts
  • Network Administrators
  • Web Page Designers
  • Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Information System Managers
  • Database Administrators
  • Lecturers/Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants

Programme Structure

  • Semester 5

    Administrative Communication

    Analysis of Algorithms

    Calculus 1

    Cost and Management Accounting

    Entrepreneurship and Business Practice

    Software Engineering

  • Calculus 2

    Computer Programming IV

    Computer Programming VI

    IBM for Technology Managers

    Operations Research

    Project Management for MIS

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Capstone Major Project – Consultation

    Caribbean Economic Development

    Computer Programming V

    Financial Management 1

    Human Resource Management

    Organizational Behaviour

  • Capstone Major Project

    Comparative Study of Programming Languages



    Strategic Management

    Work Experience