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Career Opportunities


  • Primary School Teacher
  • Education Officer
  • Ministry of Education Personnel
  • School Principal


Entry Requirements

  • Five CXC/GCE subjects inclusive of English A, Mathematics, 1 Science subject, 1 Social Science and one (1) other at proficiency Level 1-3/A-C.
  • Applicants holding the High School Equivalency Programme (HISEP), certification, having successfully completed all five subject areas, will be deemed to have fully satisfied entry requirements.
  • Other requirements as stipulated by the Teachers Colleges of Jamaica (TCJ)



This programme lasts for four (4) years.

Application Forms are available from at the Front Office or online at


Programme Structure

Component Approximate number of credits
General Education 27
Professional Studies 40
Specialization 62
Electives 6


General Education courses and professional courses are done by all teacher education groups some of these are:Communication I & II, The Emerging Professional, and Classroom Management, and Strategies of Teaching and Learning.

Specialization includes courses of the major/specialization being done.

For Primary Education candidates these include courses such as Science for the Primary Teacher I,II & III, Introduction to Drama in Primary Education, Algebra & Problem Solving in the Primary Classroom and others.

Electives are courses chosen by the candidates from a group approved courses.